Stevie Van Zandt’s TeachRock project brings rich educational materials to teachers and students everywhere – at no cost. The lesson plans and resources at TeachRock allow a one-of-a-kind, multimedia experience that helps young people connect the history of popular music to classroom work across the disciplines. From social studies and language arts to geography, media studies, science, general music, and more: TeachRock has engaging and meaningful material for every classroom.

Foundation & Team

Steven Van Zandt founded the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation in response to a drop-out crisis he saw crippling American education. Believing that student engagement is a significant facet of the crisis, he conceived a curriculum based around popular music, a subject that connects with student interest and passion. Importantly, what he then created with his team is a curriculum that is not restricted to music departments alone, a truly interdisciplinary curriculum. TeachRock is endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies, the National Association for Music Education, and the National Council for Geographic Education, with partners including Scholastic Inc., PBS, Reelin’ in the Years, ABC News, Rock’s Backpages, New York University’s Steinhardt School, and the Grammy Museum.


  • Steven Van Zandt, Founder
  • Jackson Browne
  • Martin Scorsese
  • Bono
  • Bruce Springsteen


  • Chris Tuffli, Executive Director
  • Bill Carbone, Vice President of Education
  • Rolando Alvarado, Operations Manager
  • Christine Nick, Senior Manager of Policy and Outreach
  • Ben Dumbauld, Research Associate and Project Manager
  • Joshua Zarbo, Project Manager and Social Media Coordinator
  • Rob Friedlander, Director, Strategic Alliances


  • David Roth, Chair
  • Susie Buffett
  • Kevin Keyes
  • Vagn Sørensen
  • Maureen Van Zandt
  • Ted Mitchell


  • David Peck, Reelin’ in the Years
  • Anthony Perrone, ABC News
  • Phil Galdston, New York University
  • Jason Martin, The Martin Agency Group


TeachRock is a collaborative endeavor, strengthened by strategic partnerships. Among the list that follows are the various organizations and institutions that have given time, talent, and resources to bring this project to life.


Reelin’ In the Years is the world’s largest library of music footage. From the roots of Rock and Roll to the present day, music from every period relating to Rock and Roll and from across the genres is represented in this remarkable library of film footage.


The ABC News Video Source collection spans from 1896 to the present and includes the vast archives of ABC News, The Associated Press (AP), British Movietone and Helinet.


Founded in 1831, New York University is now one of the largest private universities in the United States. Of the more than 3,000 colleges and universities in America, New York University is one of only 60 member institutions of the distinguished Association of American


Among the very best online libraries of music writing, RBP is an archive of writing contributed by the most celebrated writers in the field. The collection covers more than five decades of rich written


The GRAMMY Museum explores and celebrates the enduring legacies of all forms of music; the creative process; the art and technology of the recording process; and the history of the GRAMMY® Awards, the premier recognition of recorded music accomplishment.


Scholastic Corporation (NASDAQ: SCHL) is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and a leader in educational technology and related services and children’s media. Scholastic creates quality books and ebooks, print and technology-based learning materials and programs, magazines, multi-media and other products that help children learn both at school and at home. The Company distributes its products and services worldwide through a variety of channels, including school-based book clubs and book fairs, retail stores, schools, libraries, on-air, and online.


(formerly the MENC): NafME is among the world’s largest arts education organizations and the only association that addresses all aspects of music education. Through membership of more than 75,000 active, retired, and preservice music teachers, and with 60,000 honor students and supporters, NAfME serves millions of students nationwide through activities at all teaching levels, from preschool to graduate school.


Serving as an umbrella organization for elementary, secondary, and college teachers of history, civics, geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and law-related education, the NCSS is the premier organization for social studies education in the United States, and one of the largest in the world.


This project owes thanks to many organizations and individuals! A few need to be singled out: The Sherwood Foundation, our friends at Scholastic Inc., Jim Allen, Kevin Keyes, Leon Black, Kenneth and Anna Zankel, Hui Soo Chae and the EdLab at the Teachers College Columbia University, The Steinhardt School at New York University, Professor Robby Cohen, Phil Galdston, Anthony Perrone’s team at ABC News, David Peck’s team at Reelin’ in the Years, Barney Hoskyn’s team at Rock’s Backpages, The Grammy Museum, Jason Martin, Jake King, Scott Moore, Matthew Davis and Boyle Software, the Spitzer Foundation, Bob Gruen, Elliott Landy, Mick Rock, Charles Peterson, Patrick Harbron, Ron Pownall, Timothy White, Danny Clinch, Barrie Wentzell. We tip our hat to all of you!

For help along the way: Mitchell Attas, Kimberly Shuler, Chris Erikson, Maia Pillot, Kojo Opuni, Gregg Parrish, Ellen Livingston, Nate Olson, Scott Schinder, Michael Shelley, Leah Branstetter, Michael-Ann Haders, Adam Rubin, Blair Bodine, Heather Laurel

Featured Photographers

Lesson Writers

  • Greg Perles
  • Brielle Grover
  • Janelle Gendrano
  • Ellen Livingston
  • Steve Armstrong
  • Debra Plafker Gutt
  • Shauna Fitzmahan
  • Ryan Miller
  • Patrick Sprinkle
  • Sarah Bever
  • Stacie Berman
  • Steve Stavola
  • James Michel
  • Dennis Urba


In order to provide TeachRock free-of-charge to educators everywhere, the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation needs support. We hope that you can help us meet our needs so that we can continue to develop our educational materials and extend our outreach to teachers and students across the country.

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Lost Planet Airmen     |     Credit: James Vaughan

TeachRock is an educational project focused on the history of Rock and Roll, the music that changed the world. Presented by Steven Van Zandt’s Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, TeachRock is the first curriculum to be rolled out nationally that explores the music and its world in this depth. From its roots in Blues, Country, Gospel, and R&B, Rock and Roll and its related forms have—for over five decades—touched all facets of our lives, private and public. Rock and Roll is experienced not simply as a sound culture, but as a cinematic and televisual culture, a literary culture, a fashion culture, a political culture, a dance culture, and more. It is lived in many ways. And now, with the introduction of the TeachRock curriculum, it can be studied in the same style. Please reach out with questions, ideas, and reports from the classroom.