Conference Report: Little Kids Rock Modern Band Rockfest 2016

The TeachRock team has maintained a frenetic pace throughout the summer. In addition to working toward 22 new lesson plans to accompany the Ron Howard The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years and PBS Soundbreaking documentaries, executive director Warren Zanes and his troupe have presented TeachRock’s engaging educational materials at conferences throughout the U.S.

On July 19 in Fort Collins, CO., Warren Zanes delivered the Little Kids Rock “Modern Band Rock Fest 2016” keynote speech to hundreds of music educators. Later that afternoon, Zanes and senior project manager Bill Carbone hosted a breakout session and used TeachRock materials to engage the audience of 100+ music teachers in a discussion of how an exploration of the cultural context of the recordings they love can create rich, educational classroom experiences for their students.