The TeachRock workshop will provide you with techniques and content that will help you confidently use music to engage your students--even if you've never touched an instrument. In many locations, the workshop will even count towards continuing education hours and license renewal. Even better, it'll be fun.

The Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Teacher Solidarity Tour Professional Development experience includes a one-hour workshop that features:

  • Material suitable for K-12 teachers of all disciplines
  • Arts integration techniques
  • Group activities
  • An introduction to the rich, free content at
  • A visit from Little Steven Van Zandt
  • An hour of networking and food
  • A teacher-only edition Teacher Solidarity Tour T-Shirt
  • A certificate of attendance
  • Tickets for an educator and a guest to that evening’s Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Concert


  • Sign up below for the show you’d like to attend
  • Come to the TeachRock preshow workshop (You can even bring a guest), then
  • Get your ticket and rock!

The Teacher Solidarity Tour workshop, concert, and the complete curriculum are free for educators of all types, and we won't be asking for donations. We just want to share our engaging curriculum with you – the educators who will bring it to life.

Thank you, teachers, for everything that you do. We look forward to seeing you soon!

"Music will forever be humanity’s most effective and consistent source of inspiration and motivation, and, we have learned, music turns out to be our most solid common ground for establishing communication between teachers and students which is where education begins."

Wednesday December 12, 2018
Anaheim, CA
House of Blues

Doors — 7:00 PM // Show — 8:00 PM

TeachRock Professional Development Session
Time — 6:00 — 7:00 PM

Sorry, RSVP for this event is now closed.

See what the New Yorker is saying about Steven Van Zandt’s New Rock and Roll High School

"In his TeachRock program, Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' video becomes a text about the slave trade..." Read More

Teacher Feedback On the Tour Workshops

"I want to recognize your devoted Rock & Roll Forever Foundation team who exceeded my expectations as an education professional. The entire experience was top shelf. Between the deep dive into the TeachRock content and the two and one half hour soul revue by your band, I have memories that will last a lifetime. It is very exciting to share the common bond of furthering rock music education. Thank you for opening the music of our heart to this vital initiative. I love being a Teach Rock 'Disciple of Soul'."
Edward J.

"This was the experience of a lifetime for this Catholic School teacher of 34 years from Rochester, NY. Great classroom materials, much fellowship interacting with other teachers and the greatest music on the planet!"
Patrick C.

"What a fantastic experience! My husband and I have been to many (arguably too many) professional development workshops through the years, and without a doubt this ranks as one of the best. We are so appreciative to you and to Mr. Van Zandt and the TeachRock organization. We had a blast at the concert and will certainly be utilizing ideas and lessons from your website. As President of our local teacher's union, I also wanted to thank Little Steven for his strong advocacy for educators and for union rights."
Ann F.

"I came to school this morning excited to put many of the ideas into practice. (even if I am a little tired from a great show last night!) The opportunity to communicate with other educators was so valuable.To be able to collaborate and hear their point of view was interesting. Walking through the lessons with the team leaders was brilliant."
Bob S.

"This was so great! Thank you for being such an inspiring advocate for teachers. I can’t wait to try '3 song playlist' with my students!"
Melissa S.

"The opportunity to communicate with other educators was so valuable.To be able to collaborate and hear their point of view was interesting. Walking through the lessons with the team leaders was brilliant."
Margaret B.

"I recently attended your professional development at the Hard Rock at Universal. I was beyond 'blown away' and I cannot wait to use the materials in my U.S. History classes next school year. I also want to spread my excitement and enthusiasm to my colleagues."
Laura L-Z.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the workshop. My colleague and i absolutely loved it, and we were so inspired, we planned out our whole year for next year! And we want to share it with our colleagues. We are hoping to include the info and website in a professional development presentation next year. I might be in touch down the line for more guidance on that. Thanks!"
Cherie F.

"Thank you so much for the incredible conference and concert. I've long wished to intensify the use of music in my curriculum and this program seems to be an almost perfect solution. I've admired the thoroughness for each lesson topic, and appreciate the work to make each lesson as "teacher-friendly" as possible. I've already shared TeachRock with my English and History colleagues and am anxious to employ it in the classroom myself. It's obvious this program was developed with great care and detail. As a longtime E - Street Band, - Little Steven fan, I was both encouraged and amazed at the vision and dedication Steven articulated in his visit to the conference. How rare it is for a preeminent entertainer to leave a legacy that includes a dedication to educating generations to come. I have a whole new Solidarity for him as an artist."
Tom P.

"I wouldn't change anything. I thought this was one of the best workshops that I have attended as a teacher. I was extremely impressed with the curriculum materials that you have created. I have been trained in curriculum development, and I am not always impressed with curriculum materials created by outside organizations. But these lessons were very high level, and it is obvious that you have put a lot of thought into how to connect with students. Thank you for the workshop, the 2nd row seats, and most importantly, your respect for the teaching profession. It is not often these days that teachers feel honored the way that we did last night by both the TeachRock organization and by Steven Van Zandt. It really was an incredible afternoon/night that has me feeling excited and rejuvenated (which was very much needed in the middle of PARCC testing)! Thank you!"
Karen O.

"I'd like to personally thank you and your group for the first class treatment I received as a teacher/professor at yesterday's Little Steven concert. Not only was it a great free ticket to a great show, but the food voucher, free tshirt, and most of all, LS's appearance at our workshop will be forever remembered!"
Roger S.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening and important clarification and ideas on the lesson plans. I will be working on my fall and spring class plans for the upcoming school year and will do two SPED classes using your work. I also am working with a mainstream teacher who will consider a few of the lessons. Look forward to being able to reach out to your team as I finalize the program...and I promise to send pictures and feedback on class response. Thanks again for all you do and pass along to Steve my thanks for a wonderful concert and his work on the foundation."
Holly G.

"I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for everything you did leading up to the workshop session and concert on Friday in Albany. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - he actually got to join me in the workshop, as well, which was a unexpected, yet nice surprise. I was very pleased with the workshop and am excited to use a new learning in my class this week. I did provide feedback with some thoughts I had for upcoming sessions and other ideas I had as I reflected on the drive home yesterday. I'm very excited to be a part of the teachrock community and am looking forward to integrating more of the lessons into my regular class in creative ways, along with continuing to use them in my extension class. I found this opportunity through the foundation to be valuable and energizing (and worth the 150 mile drive to Albany). Keep up the great work! It's so worth it! ps - the concert was super cool too! what a great perk for a long-time fan!"

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your generous and much needed support of public education, and in particular the importance of the arts in education. It was a great surprise and a delight when I got your invitation. Dinner, a workshop on how to use your online resources, and tickets to the concert-all free! I thought I was reading a misprint when I received the email! In our current climate of educational leadership(?)trying their best to profit off of a public institution (that we all freely benefit from), its refreshing to witness your efforts to promote public education for all. And to do it through the history of rock music is a great idea; especially with your well-designed online resources-they're well thought-out and, just as important, they work! The arts are a powerful way to teach all people, throughout the curriculum, and your vision to make that happen with TeachRock are to be applauded. Thank you for your generosity and foresight. I commend your efforts at bringing the rock art form into the heart of the matter. Maybe we can save public education, for all, before it is gone. I'm certainly thankful for the public education I received. It's been sad to witness the erosion of its support over my 34 years of teaching High School but encouraging to see efforts like yours to provide real ways and means to educate the next generation. Thank you for helping teachers like me keep the faith!"
Tom G.

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