1.5 Billion Children Sent Home From School Due to Pandemic

Universal Issues of Distance Learning 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, 1.5 billion children worldwide, an estimated 90% of school-aged children worldwide are participating in remote-learning. From Naples, Italy to New York City, educators are encountering the same issues: connectivity issues, a lack of access to the necessary devices, overwhelmed parents, and the feeling that it just is not the same thing as being in the same classroom with one’s students. 

Throughout the spring, the scene was often the same as the Coronavirus spread across the globe. Older students took on multiple roles or had multiple roles expanded, taking care of younger siblings, picking up front-line worker jobs to support parents who were laid-off or were high-risk, teachers delivered devices and mobile hotspots to students in need, and it all resulted in many fewer students participating in online courses than would participate in traditional in-person classes.

All of this combined with the unknown nature of what instruction will look like in the fall has caused many to fear another unforeseen crisis is upon us, an increase in the number of students who dropout of school. 


The Wall Street Journal’s Leslie Broadie reports the full story here.