The Many Roles of a Music Producer

Grades: High
Subjects: CTE, General Music
Activities: Think-Pair-Share, Visual Analysis

What does a music producer do and in what ways does one hear the sound of a producer’s work in recordings?


The Musical Roots of the Surf Sound

Grades: High, Middle
Subjects: General Music
Activities: Musical Analysis, Role Playing, Station Activities, Visual Analysis

What is the Surf sound and where did it come from?


Latin Music in Postwar New York City

Grades: High
Subjects: Social Studies/History
Activities: Charts and Graphs, Maps, Textual Analysis, Visual Analysis

How did the growth of New York City’s Latino population in the 1940s and 50s help to increase the popularity of Latin music and dance in American culture?


The Musical Roots of the Surf Sound (Elementary Version)

Grades: Elementary
Subjects: Art, Social Studies/History
Activities: Musical Analysis, Station Activities, Textual Analysis, Visual Analysis, Visual Art

How does the “Surf Sound” in Rock and Roll reflect early surf culture, and what are the roots of this genre of music?