TeachRock empowers teachers and engages students by using popular music to create interdisciplinary, culturally responsive education materials for all 21st century classrooms. The more than 180 free lesson plans at TeachRock.org foster learning in areas including social studies, language arts, geography,  STEAM, general music and more.

Rock and Roll Forever Foundation staff furthers the TeachRock mission through professional development programs held at schools, union events, and Little Steven concerts across the country, introducing curriculum and concepts that empower teachers to use popular music to engage students across classrooms.

Here, see TeachRock curriculum in action via Spectrum News coverage of Orangethorpe Elementary in Fullerton, CA, a TeachRock Partner School

We view a student’s passion for music not as an impediment to learning, but a doorway to deeper classroom engagement. Instead of telling students to take out their earbuds, we ask, “What are you listening to? Let’s trace it back.”

Watch Ben Wides and his East Side Community High students use a TeachRock CNN Soundtracks lesson plan to trace the music of Kendrick Lamar back through several generations of African-American music that engages issues of social justice.

We have 30,000 registered users and counting, in every state in the U.S. and in countries across the globe. We have lessons available for English and History classrooms, STEAM  labs, art studios, and the band room. Lessons are accessed thousands of times a year.

After only going public in 2017, Teachrock.org has already been featured in the Washington Post, The New Yorker, and Education Week.

Here, our founder Steven Van Zandt explains Teachrock.org’s history and mission to an audience of 350 teachers at Denver’s Gothic Theater, on November 2018:

The Music of the Civil Rights Movement. Our most popular lesson, accessed more than 20,000 times last year.

Santana, Beyonce, and Rhythm as a Representation of People and Place from our PBS Soundbreaking Collaboration explores ways we can hear culture and includes an interactive TechTool to let students experiment with the music they're studying.

Washington Post: After Springsteen and ‘The Sopranos,' Steven Van Zandt has a new mission: Getting every school to teach kids about America through rock music history

And his band is on a Teacher Solidarity Tour, too.
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