Frank Caruso’s Exclusively Designed “Solidarity” T Shirts to Benefit

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What do “Outlaw Pete,” Popeye, Betty Boop, and TeachRock’s new Teacher Solidarity apparel line have in common? They’re all drawn by NJ artist Frank Caruso! 
Frank’s true Rock and Roll spirit is evident in this interview with TeachRock executive director Bill Carbone, during which he shows us one of his first professional assignments, creating the “Bruce vs. Bon Jovi” cartoon for Cracked Magazine in the late 80s. Tune in for a peek behind the curtain at Frank’s creative process, and the 50’s diner he had built into his house, and check out the awesome Little Steven Teacher Solidarity shirts at TeachRock’s Bonfire Page. [link here]
Every purchase supports TeachRock’s efforts to keep the arts in the DNA of the school system!