Little Steven Van Zandt Releases Free Distance Learning Packs for Students in New York City & Beyond

Covid-19 has closed the nation’s schools. Teachers are working tirelessly on remote education, but most aren’t trained for “Distance Learning.” Emotionally, young people aren’t built for social distance. But Music Connects Us, Even When We Must Be Apart.

Most know Little Steven Van Zandt as a co-founder and guitarist of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, or Silvio Dante from the Sopranos, but he and his 501c3 is supporting educators with FREE Distance Learning resources for all age ranges and subjects that use Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Latin music, and more to keep students engaged, communicating, and emotionally healthy. 

In partnership with New York City’s largest afterschool provider New York Edge, TeachRock is providing distance Learning resources to over 100 NYC Public schools. The resources at are used by 30,000 teachers nationwide.

But we want the world to experience the healing power of music, knowledge, and creativity—please help us spread the word!

“Music connects us, even when we must be apart. Our amazing teachers have provided structure, emotional support, and a reassuring sense of normalcy to our children as we’ve transitioned to a period of social distance. But kids don’t thrive in isolation. TeachRock curriculum has always used music to foster connections between students and teachers, and we’re going to use that power now to help keep them engaged, emotionally healthy, and learning.” – Rock and Roll Forever Foundation Founder, Little Steven Van Zandt