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“Indians” in the American Imagination

Question:  What is cultural appropriation, how does it affect Native American communities, and should it be regulated by law? and

Gallery Walk – Images

Gallery Walk – Questions

Document Set 1 – Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

Featuring excerpts from and The New York Times

Document Set 2 – Mardi Gras “Indians” in New Orleans

Featuring excerpts from,Time in Passages: Collective Memory and American Popular Culture,

Document Set 3 – Sports Logos

Featuring excerpts from National Congress on American Indians,,, and The Washington Post.

Document Set 4 – Fashion

Featuring excerpts from Jezebel, New Statesman, and Breitbart

Music Across the Disciplines Resources

The Beatles & American Segregation

Segregation in the American South

Cover Songs on The Beatles Studio Recordings