A Message From Our Executive Director

On May 1st of this past year I walked through the door of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation for the first time. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect . . .

From the outside looking in I had come to truly respect the organization that Steven had created and the work that is done. How can you not get excited about using the history of rock and popular music to teach across disciplines including humanities, English, science and art?

But once I went behind the curtain would the magic still be there?

What I found was a dedicated and passionate team 100% committed to the cause. We have a tremendous team working on behalf of students and teachers everywhere to develop and disseminate our innovative lesson plans. Bill, Rolando, Ben, Christine and Joshua are huge, enthusiastic difference makers to our shared success. Just this year we have:

  • Confirmed that we have teachers in all 50 states using our lesson plans
  • Embarked on an important partnership with the New Jersey School Board Association to help bring Arts into their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics classes changing STEM to STEAM
  • Published our 100th lesson plan
  • Broadened our collection of lessons utilizing contemporary pop music through our partnership with Little Kids Rock
  • Established partnerships with HBO and Rezolution Pictures to produce lesson plans with The Defiant Ones and Rumble: Native Americans That Rocked The World which we believe are some of our best yet
  • Trained 100s of teachers in California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Nebraska and elsewhere
  • Travelled with the first Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul tour done in the last 30 years to spread the word about the Foundation meeting people in every US tour stop
  • Held our first ever Holiday Fundraiser Concert where Steven and his band performed with MC Vinny Pastore and special guest Peter Wolf!

And we feel like we are just getting started. 2018 promises to be an even bigger and better year. We can’t tell you all of our plans yet, but keep an eye on this newsletter and for periodic updates from us. We hope you will continue to support us, share in our success and be part of our “band”. Together we can continue to bring innovate approaches that bring arts into the classroom in ways that will engage students and energize teachers. We all win when this happens! Thank you.

Chris Tuffli
Executive Director
Rock and Roll Forever Foundation