Professional Development Update: TeachRock Nationwide

Throughout the summer and fall of 2017, Rock and Roll Forever Foundation specialists have been crisscrossing the country, bringing the TeachRock curriculum to classrooms, and connecting face to face with the teachers who bring the lessons to life.

So far this year, the TeachRock professional development team has worked with nearly 500 K-12 teachers from across disciplines in New York, Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, Nebraska, and California. Upcoming workshops include STEAM-centered workshops in New Jersey, a trip to Ohio, and more!

TeachRock professional development sessions empower educators of all stripes to integrate arts and inspire student engagement in their classrooms. Participating teachers are introduced to elements of the TeachRock curriculum, and then given the opportunity to apply the concepts within to new projects of their own. The TeachRock team runs both broad and discipline-specific sessions (i.e. Social Studies, Arts, etc). However, the material is inherently interdisciplinary and works well throughout the school.

In addition to sharing their materials, the TeachRock PD team is soaking up the teachers’ experiences using the curriculum, their perspectives on the activities, and their feedback on the material.

The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation is at heart a teacher service organization, and, like our lesson plans, we are guided by an essential question: What can we do to assist educators in their missions, and how can we help teachers engage the most possible students?

RRFF has limited availability to schedule more professional development workshops  throughout early 2018, and has begun scheduling for summer 2018 through the 2019 school year. Educators interested in having professional development should contact RRFF Senior Manager of Education and Outreach, Christine Nick.