Recording Academy Takes Action on New Diversity Initiatives

Mandatory Credit: Photo by MJ Photos/REX/Shutterstock (9336009e) Grammy Awards 60th Annual Grammy Awards, Press Room, New York, USA - 28 Jan 2018

During this racial and civil rights crisis, Rolling Stone writes an article on how the music industry’s executive level has embarked on a new journey to address racial inequality within the business. One major step in this journey is that the Recording Academy has partnered with civil rights nonprofit, Color of Change, to enact several new initiatives to combat racial inequality within the music industry.

Color of Change will help guide the Grammy’s parent organization in how to navigate several new diversity-based initiatives. Some of the action items included are to assist the Academy in creating a black music advisory group, which intends to recruit more black voters into the Academy. Color of Change will also assist the Academy in creating an inclusion rider, which will help set diversity goals for the music group and show the group how to implement them.

At the forefront of these progressive steps is new diversity chief, Valeisha Butterfield Jones. She tells Rolling Stone how the Academy can be more inclusive. She states, “A part of that is [figuring out] how we strengthen our relationship with the black music community, which is of course a cornerstone of all music worldwide. It’s about having honest and transparent conversations about where we’ve been, but more importantly where we’re headed. We want to build with everyone.”

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