TeachRock Launches Its First Full-District Partnership

Introducing TeachRock’s first ever school district partnership!

Starting in the new 2021 school year, TeachRock and the Hopatcong School District have formed a close partnership for the first districtwide school system in the World for a leading and innovative educational platform, that will be used as an additional learning tool for grades K – 12.

While TeachRock has been available for years and used within 1,000’s of schools across multiple countries, they have selected Hopatcong School District as their key partner to work on district-wide programs and solutions.

Under this partnership, TeachRock is conducting a full case study on how it impacts the district and students. Additionally, they are adding services to the district; teacher mentoring, performance monitoring for both teachers and students, and obtaining the following district goals. Measurement and performance results will be handled by an outside 3rd party research firm.

This entire program both now and in the future is without cost to the Taxpayers or the School District.

Hopatcong School District – Clearly stated measurable Benchmarks for TeachRock in 2021:

  • Increase of Social and Emotional Learning within the District
  • Improving School Climate and Cultures within the District
  • Improving Literacy within the District
  • Overall improvement in academic performance within the District

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