Watch TeachRock’s First International School Partner Sing “We Are The World”

We are proud to say that The Edvard Much School in Oslo, Norway is TeachRock’s first international partner school. Edvard Munch School is a premiere performing arts school and is well-equipped with young, talented, and driven students who are passionate about the arts. Earlier this year, the school put on a two-day festival featuring performances and exhibitions drawn from TeachRock lessons.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Norway in February, Edvard Munch School was able to come together as a community and sing “We Are The World”. Who would have known only a couple of weeks later the world as we knew it would be completely different. Luckily, we are now able to watch this heart-warming performance in a time when society could really use it.

Unsurprisingly, this performance has already mustered up a whopping 5,000 views on YouTube! Support Edvard Munch and TeachRock by checking out this clip.


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