These lessons will help students explore the influence The Beatles had on society during a period when significant historic and cultural events took place, such as JFK’s assassination, the civil rights movement, the rise of the teenager, and more. The program complements the new documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week—The Touring Years, which explores the band’s rise to fame and what life was like for these pop icons. Through lessons and videos, students will discover the power of the band as a musical and social force.

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The Beatles’ Early Years: Working Towards Success

How did The Beatles' rigorous work schedule during the years 1960-63 build their strengths as performers, as musicians, and as a band?
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The Beatles, Teen Culture, and the Birth of the “Rock Band”

How did the Beatles’ image as a “rock band” affect young people in America?
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The Beatle Image: A New Kind of Star

How did The Beatles establish a new paradigm for the image of "the star," and how did that image support their global success?
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The Beatles and American Segregation

How did the Beatles take a stand against segregation while touring America? And what did it mean for popular music culture?
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Teamwork: George Martin, Brian Epstein and the Making of The Beatles’ Team

How did the input of manager Brian Epstein and record producer George Martin help The Beatles develop and refine skills that aided the band in presenting their music and personalities to a mass audience?
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From the Stage to the Studio

What caused The Beatles to cease touring in 1966 and how did the innovative music they then created during their subsequent immersion in the recording studio both reflect and influence the world at that time?
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