An American History of Rock and Soul is a complete curriculum that can be taught as a History Elective or as a Music Course.

An American History of Rock and Soul is currently being taught in schools across the United States, and more than 90% of teachers who participated in TeachRock’s 2023 Fall Survey reported heightened engagement when using TeachRock curricula!

Students explore the history of the United States through the history of American popular music, from the birth of The Blues, to Nirvana and Public Enemy. Along the way, students consider how genres such as Rock and Roll, Pop, Folk, Latin, and Hip Hop have both reflected and informed cultural, social, and political developments.

The course is divided into four chronological units, with each unit containing approximately 20 media-rich lessons.

Watch for our new year-long History Course, covering US History from Reconstruction to near present. Funded through a generous Lewis-Houghton Civics and Democracy Initiative Grant from the Library of Congress, another TeachRock course will be coming your way in 2026!

Watch our founder, Steven Van Zandt talk about the course here.

Watch a version of the course in action in a Denver area classroom here.