Our Mission is to empower teachers and engage students by using popular music to create interdisciplinary, culturally responsive education materials for all 21st century classrooms.

“Music connects us, even when we must be apart. Our amazing teachers have provided structure, emotional support, and a reassuring sense of normalcy to our children as we’ve transitioned to a period of social distance. But kids don’t thrive in isolation. TeachRock curriculum has always used music to foster connections between students and teachers, and we’re going to use that power now to help keep them engaged, emotionally healthy, and learning.”
– Rock and Roll Forever Foundation Founder, Little Stevie Van Zandt

Music Connects Us, Even When We Must Be Apart.

All of the material at TeachRock is ready for remote education, but our new student-facing Distance Learning Packs encourage students to immerse themselves in music and creativity while connecting with family, friends, and classmates. We’ll be publishing them continually throughout school closure.

We are proud to partner with
New York Edge
Providing engaging and enriching distance learning resources to the 40,000 New York City students in their afterschool network.

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