We empower teachers and engage students by using popular music to create interdisciplinary, culturally responsive education materials for all 21st century classrooms.

Launched by Little Steven Van Zandt and the Founders Board of Bono, Jackson Browne, Martin Scorsese, and Bruce Springsteen, the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation’s TeachRock curriculum helps more than 40,000 teachers of all subjects keep the arts in the DNA of every school system while engaging students and improving academic outcomes.

TeachRock is providing essential support to educators, students, and families during Covid–a record number of new and returning users have downloaded nearly 500,000 TeachRock resources in 2020.

“Music connects us, even when we must be apart. TeachRock curriculum has always used music to foster connections between students and teachers, and we’re going to use that power now to help keep them engaged, emotionally healthy, and learning.”
– TeachRock Founder, Little Stevie Van Zandt

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