Tells the story of the most elemental force in recording–-electricity––and the musical revolution it sparked. Highlighting the way in which electricity has been harnessed and channeled to create new and never-before-heard sounds, Going Electric traces both the chain reaction unleashed by the invention of the electric guitar and the evolution of synthesized music. From Delta blues to Chicago blues to The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, from Stevie Wonder and The Who to EDM, Episode Four reveals the power of technology to continuously redefine what music is.

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Going Electric: How Electricity Helped Bring The Guitar to the Forefront of Popular Music

How did the electrification, amplification and design of the guitar facilitate its emergence as a dominant instrument of popular music?
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The Music of Machines: The Synthesizer, Sound Waves, and Finding the Future

How did synthesizers allow musicians to create new sounds and how did those sounds reflect American culture throughout the 20th century?
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