Where do I sign up?

  • Click on the tour date that you’re interested in. This will lead you to our sign up form.

How do I get my ticket?

  • We will hand out tickets at the end of the preshow workshop.

Where are the seats located?

  • Seat location will vary from venue to venue. However, at each show a handful of lucky attendees will receive premium seats.

Can I bring a friend or my spouse?

  • Yes, you may bring a guest.

What are these lesson plans?

  • TeachRock provides interdisciplinary, standards-aligned instructional materials that are student-centered and inquiry-based. The materials have been developed to be utilized in Social Studies, Music, and ELA classrooms, as well as in an integrated Humanities setting. The curricula also provides a viable way to keep the arts in public schools, independent of funding worry because TeachRock materials are free to everyone.

Are there any strings attached?

  • We are rock and roll. We only like strings attached to guitars. No.

Why do you need my school email and other information?

  • These events are for teachers and we want to make sure that teachers benefit from this special offer. Additionally, gathering information about the course loads of our teachers allows us to tailor the workshop to content that is relevant to what is happening in your classroom.

Can I come to a training even if I don’t live nearby?

  • Yes!

Are you coming to my town?

  • It depends on your town, but we’re working on getting to as many places as we can. If we do not come through your neck of the woods on leg of the tour, keep checking as more shows are being added. You can also tell us where your town is and we'll get in touch when there's an event near you.

Do the training hours count against my professional development requirements?

  • This varies from town to town and state to state, so better to ask your administrator. We’ll provide all attendees with a detailed agenda of the event and a certificate of completion for their records. The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation is an approved CTLE provider in New York State. When you register for a session in New York you will have the opportunity to give us additional, personal information the state requires us to collect to ensure you get credit.

Can I come to the training even if I don’t go to the show?

  • Yes, but we would miss you.

Can I share this with colleagues and friends?

  • Please do!

Can I sign up for more than one training?

  • Yes, but after the second one you may be drafted to facilitate!

What age range is appropriate for these lesson plans?

  • While we have resources for all grade bands, the majority of lessons address content taught in 6-12 grade.

How long is the professional development session?

  • Most sessions will last between 90 and 120 minutes. Of course, we’ll stick around and chat afterwards if you have questions or feedback.

How far is the professional development session from the show?

  • Close by. Most sessions will be within walking distance to the concert venue.

Will Little Steven be leading the professional development sessions?

  • No, but he’s been known to drop in every now and then . . .

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at tour@rockandrollforever.org