These General Music lessons explore on the various ways music has been developed, produced and spread across the globe, and the Little Kids Rock Partnership Lessons also feature charts for guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, and vocals. “Beyoncé, Santana, and Rhythm as a Representation of People and Place,” considers who rhythm in popular music can be traced back to African musical traditions that first arrived to the Americas and the Caribbean with the transatlantic slave trade. The lesson “Sampling: The Foundation of Hip-Hop” similarly traces the history of sampling well before the advent of Hip-Hop, and reveals to students the Caribbean origins of the music’s production. “Turning Songs Into Records: The Many Roles of Producers in Popular Music” introduces the chameleon-like lives of several record producers, and is as an excellent introduction lesson for students who may be interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. “The Short and Long of It: How 45 RPM Singles and 33/13 Albums Helped Shape Radio and American Culture” and “From ‘Illustrated Songs’ to the Music Video: A History of Sound and Image” both encapsulate the development of music media, and reveal to students the role of technology in guiding the development of popular music. Many of these lesson feature TeachRock TechTools, online interactive learning tools that allow students to experiment with sampling, beat-making, and other technologies.