TeachRock improves students’ lives by bringing the sound, stories, and science of music to all classrooms.

Launched by Stevie Van Zandt and the Founders Board of Bono, Jackson Browne, Martin Scorsese, and Bruce Springsteen, TeachRock.org provides free, standards-aligned resources that use music to help K-12 students succeed in science, math, social studies, language arts, and more.

TeachRock is a nonprofit open educational resource with more than 60,000 registered educator users, and the TeachRock Partner District and Schools program works directly with more than 100 sites in 7 states.

TeachRock’s open-source resources are made possible by your donation. Thank you!

Watch the short video below to hear Founder Steven Van Zandt explain why TeachRock matters.

“Kids come to us with certain gifts intact–imagination, curiosity, energy, emotion, instincts. We should use those gifts instead of ignoring them, and integrating the Arts is the best way to do it”
– Stevie Van Zandt

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