The Environmental Jukebox lesson series brings a combination of Science, Music, and Civics into the classroom. Written for High School, Middle School, and Elementary School students, these lessons introduce principles of earth science and engineering by having students collaboratively consider and tackle some of Earth’s most pressing environmental issues.

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Confronting the Climate Crisis

How can society lower the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere?
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Cleaning up the Plastic Beach (Middle School/High School Version)

How is plastic made, how does it affect our marine environments, and how can plastic waste be eliminated?
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Cleaning up the Plastic Beach (Elementary School Version)

What is plastic, how is it harmful for the environment, and how can it be used more responsibly?
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Kanye and Katrina: Environmental Racism in New Orleans

What was Hurricane Katrina, and how did Black Americans articulate the frustrations they felt in its aftermath?
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Greta Thunberg, Music, and the Climate Crisis

How have musicians helped spread climate activist Greta Thunberg’s message?

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