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Mining and Union Songs in the Early 20th Century

How do Nimrod Workman’s songs and stories about his life as a coal miner illustrate the struggles of working class people during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era?
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The Banjo, Slavery, and the Abolition Debate

What is the relationship between the banjo and slavery, and how did music making by enslaved people influence the abolition debate during the 18th and early 19th century?
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Singing Democracy During the Second Great Awakening

What was the Second Great Awakening, how did it change American society, and how does Sacred Harp singing exemplify its ideals?
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The Musical History of the Cajuns

How did the Acadians, or Cajuns, use music and dance to maintain their communal bonds after being displaced during the French and Indian War?
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Almost Emancipated: The Civil War and the Port Royal Experiment

How does the Union occupation of Port Royal highlight the complex issues behind the Civil War?
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Almost Emancipated: Reconstruction

What is the significance of Reconstruction and what does it reveal about the freedom that the post-Civil War constitutional amendments secured for African Americans?
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The Reclamation of the American Cowboy

How has the image and history of the American cowboy been reclaimed in the 21st Century?
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The Myth of the American Cowboy

How did Westward Expansion and the idea of Manifest Destiny inform the image of the cowboy in American culture?

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