The visual arts are nearly inseparable from popular music. In the 1800s, illustrators, designers, and photographers were curated sheet music covers to allure potential customers, and, while the mediums have changed, similar teams work on branding musicians and their releases today. The lessons in the Visual Arts Chapter empower teachers to introduce visual arts skills and concepts while exploring the manners in which the visual arts are integrated into nearly every aspect of popular music.

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Designing a Band Logo

What is a logo, what are the elements of effective logo design, and how have musicians and bands used logos to brand themselves?
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Negotiating Native Identity through Art, Poetry and Music

How have Native American musicians, poets, and visual artists negotiated their identity, and what role does physical space play in these negotiations?
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Designing Album Covers with Color Theory

What is the science behind color theory, and how is it used in fashion and album cover design?
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Drawing to Music

How might visual artists use music as a tool for inspiration, and how might sound be reflected through art?
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Exploring Shapes in Pablo Picasso’s “Guitar, Sheet Music, and Glass”

What shapes did Pablo Picasso use to create his piece Guitar, Sheet Music, and Glass and how can similar shapes be used to create other instruments?
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DAMN.: The Art and Importance of Storytelling

How do Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN. and the work of photojournalist Gordon Parks tell stories that bring attention to social issues?
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Signature Style in Art and Album Covers

How have visual artists worked with musicians without compromising their style?