Dear friends of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation,

Whether we met you recently at an event with our founder Steven Van Zandt, Jackson Browne, or someone else from our amazing family, we hope you came away energized and inspired to be a part of the mission to reduce the dropout rate by engaging students with culturally responsive, music-driven curriculum–we can’t do it without your help.

TeachRock curriculum is currently used in all 50 states, by more than 25,000 teachers engaging more than 600,000 students! We continue to work toward reaching more educators and students while establishing deeper connections with teachers, administrators, and students in districts where TeachRock is already in use.

If you’re already a friend of the Foundation, thank you. If you’re new to the family, there are a number of ways you can further this progress:

Partner Schools

$30,000 – Sponsor TeachRock Partner Schools that deliver customized curriculum and ongoing professional development to teachers in Los Angeles, New York, and New Jersey

Teacher Workshops

$10,000 – Sponsor a Teacher Solidarity Tour Concert Workshop

$2,500 – Sponsor a TeachRock professional development session in your area or elsewhere

Lesson Plans

$5,000 – Sponsor an Environmental Jukebox lesson plan that will help students investigate environmental issues and develop action plans to enact change in their schools, communities, and personal lives

Adopt A Teacher

$1,000 – Sponsor a teacher and guest for a Teacher Solidarity Tour Workshop

$500 – Sponsor a teacher for a Teacher Solidarity Workshop




Contributions can also be made out and mailed to –

Rock and Roll Forever Foundation
434 Ave of the Americas
Floor 6
New York, NY 10011


The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation is a nonprofit organization which is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.