New York Edge Partners with TeachRock

New York Edge partners with Steven Van Zandt’s Rock and Roll Forever Foundation to provide NYC students with enrichment programming amid Coronavirus school closures

New York, NY – April 2, 2020 – New York City public school students from New York Edge – the largest provider of afterschool programming in the City – will now have access to free afterschool programs from the safety of their homes during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) school closures, as the organization joins forces with the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation to launch their program, TeachRock, across the five boroughs. The launch is part of New York Edge’s move to online afterschool programming in response to COVID-19.

The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation – founded by multi-platinum artist, producer, songwriter and entrepreneur Little Stevie Van Zandt – is dedicated to improving student outcomes by using popular music to create interdisciplinary, culturally responsive education materials. New York Edge’s students will have opportunities to engage in continued learning remotely through the organization’s TeachRock Distance Learning Packs, which feature music-driven activities and projects for K-12 students. The virtual initiative is part of New York Edge’s mission to provide innovative afterschool programming that is designed to improve academic performance, health and wellness, and self-confidence.

“This is an unprecedented and uncomfortable time, and educators have provided structure, emotional support, and a reassuring sense of normalcy to our children as we’ve transitioned to a period of social distance. But kids don’t thrive in isolation,” said Little Stevie Van Zandt, founder of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation. “Music can connect us, even when we can’t be together. TeachRock curriculum has always used music to foster connections between students and teachers, and we’re happy to partner with New York Edge to use the power of music to help keep students in New York City engaged, emotionally healthy, and learning.”

“Now more than ever, it is critically important for youth to have access to enriching programs that will motivate them to remain focused, continue learning, and lead healthy lifestyles during this extended period at home,” said Rachael Gazdick, CEO of New York Edge. “We are proud to partner with the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation to launch TeachRock online. Together, we will ignite students’ intellectual curiosity and support their success as they explore the universal language of music.”

The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation’s website provides nearly 200 free standards-aligned lesson plans for K-12 students that use popular music to introduce key concepts in social studies, language arts, STEAM, math, general music, and art, as well as social emotional learning. Their Distance Learning Packs highlight project-based learning, collaboration and communication, authentic assessment strategies such as art, podcasts or videos, and include clear, concise instructions that empower non-educator family members to help students succeed.

For more than 25 years, New York Edge has addressed the needs and goals of under-resourced schools through customized, curriculum-based afterschool programming. Today, the nonprofit provides more than 40,000 students in grades K-12 with rigorous, innovative programs designed to give them the edge needed to succeed.

About New York Edge
New York Edge, formerly known as the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation (SASF), is a non-profit organization and the largest provider of afterschool programs in all five boroughs of New York City and the metropolitan region. With more than 40,000 students from over 300 programs in grades K-12, the organization provides under-resourced students with year-round programs to give them the edge needed to succeed.