RRFF Interviews Buddy Guy and James Hetfield

Continuing a series of original interviews, which so far have included such luminaries as Bonnie Raitt, Bono, and Graham Nash, the Foundation spoke with James Hetfield of Metallica and renowned Blues musician Buddy Guy. Both offered insights on their careers, the influence of Rock and Roll in their lives, and many other topics.

Highlights of Hetfield's interview included his reflections on the his first rehearsal space: "I think a lot of great things happen in the garage; a lot of good things start there. It's this Microsoft computer kind of thing, which started in a garage. Guys who are football players — I think, where were they working out first? Maybe in their garage. Great things can happen there."

Among other subjects, Buddy Guy spoke about his early recording experiences and remarked on the major advances in technology. "At Chess [Records], you would go play something, and when they played it back you'd go use the bathroom for 10 minutes. You’d come back out, you’d hear it, you knew it was you. Now there's so much technology. Now, when I was down in Nashville on my last session, I came out and I said, 'Who's that?' 'Oh, that's you, you just did that.'"

The Foundation looks forward to providing content from these and other original interviews throughout the curriculum.