Steve Aoki and Growth Mindset

Kick-off Mental Health Awareness Month in your classroom with the TeachRock lesson Steve Aoki and Growth Mindset!

Steve Aoki’s energetic, adventurous music seems perfectly suited to his lifestyle. From his humble beginnings promoting house parties in Southern California, Aoki has grown into an internationally touring DJ, record executive, film producer, actor, and founder of a brain science foundation. His “can-do” attitude – forged from his adolescent years in SoCal’s Punk DIY community – not only led him to the position he is in today but inspires those around him to unleash their own creative potential.

In many ways, Aoki exemplifies the Growth Mindset. Identified by psychologist Carol Susan Dweck, the Growth Mindset acknowledges the brain’s neuroplasticity, or its ability to forge new neurological pathways through new experiences. A willingness to try new things and develop new ideas – in other words, a willingness to be creative – allows the brain to forge new connections.

In the lesson Steve Aoki and Growth Mindset, students discover the neurological benefits of developing and maintaining a growth mindset and watch Aoki’s music videos, live performances, and interviews to better imagine what may be possible with a dedication to being creatively engaged.