TeachRock ON TOUR!

After the Foundation promoted their recent special project collective, RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World, at SXSWEdu, it was time to hit the road! As Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul wrapped up their 2017 tour dates, they decided to make their 2018 leg of the tour special. The band deemed their 2018 dates The Teacher Appreciation Tour, where the Foundation could hold and promote professional development workshops for any kind of educator.

From April 29th to May 23rd, Little Steven and TeachRock traveled throughout the US to show teachers how to integrate our unique and cost-free curriculum within any classroom, for any subject. Not only did the tour include free workshops and development opportunities, but a free ticket to the show! The band wanted to celebrate teachers and their devotion the only way they knew how, through the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Soul.

As Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul finished up the US leg at the House of Blues in New Orleans, the TeachRock crew couldn’t and wouldn’t stop there. Embarking on Europe to spread his latest album Soulfire!, the TeachRock team made it their mission to inspire and support teachers across the pond as well.  From June 28th in Dublin, Ireland to the end of July in London, UK, The Teacher Appreciation Tour was kicked into high gear and the workshops, as well as the music, were a huge hit!