TeachRock Partner School Program Begins!

TeachRock Partner School Program Begins!

Thousands of years ago, Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato said, “Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education,” He was so right! When teachers utilize Arts Integration as a tool for student engagement and academic achievement, the results are amazing! Our TeachRock Lessons combine the best strategies in arts integration with outstanding academic content, a recipe for success for teachers and their students!

TeachRock is proud to announce that Orangethorpe Elementary School in Fullerton, California has been selected as our flagship Partner School. Orangethorpe, home of the Orcas, is the oldest school in Fullerton and home to 725 students and a staff of 28 teachers. Orangethorpe Principal, Dr. Ginger Frady, is delighted to welcome TeachRock to her campus, “Our work with TeachRock is an exciting partnership that empowers our ORCA teachers with creative lessons in music and art.”

The TeachRock Partner School Program is designed to provide an immersive experience for both teachers and students. TeachRock’s Randa Schmalfeld brings her enthusiasm and expertise, as well as many years of experience in schools, to her work with Partner School Teachers. Offering monthly professional development sessions, one on one and small group support, and demo lessons, Randa’s goal is to enhance indicators of school success through targeted support for Arts Integration and TeachRock.  

Orangethorpe’s innovative Project Curiosity Program encourages students to understand their connection to our planet through art and science, and with so many outstanding STEAM Lessons available through TeachRock, teachers are able to engage students in truly meaningful learning. According to Dr Frady, “These lessons provide exciting opportunities for students to learn about the world around them, and understand the impact of art and music on learning,  Through TeachRock, our students are finding success and are encouraged and entrusted to be stewards of our amazing planet.”

While TeachRock continues to grow our number of registered users, with over 25,000 educators using our lessons, the idea of promoting TeachRock on a school wide level is a new approach for us. We are delighted to be on this TeachRock journey with Dr Frady and her Orangethorpe Orcas and look forward to some outstanding learning and excellent results from our partnership in the year ahead.