We're sorry to announce that due to the health of our Founder and Artistic Director Steven Van Zandt, we will be unable to hold all but our final two workshops. It's a bummer, we know! We hate to let a single teacher down, any time, any place.

If you've registered for Boston or New York, we look forward to seeing you. If you've registered for any other show on the tour, please note that both the workshop and concert have been canceled.

But there is good news!

First, Steven will be ok, and you can expect to see him again plenty in 2020. He just needs time to recover, and, if one looks back at the 2018-2019 schedule, one can see why: In 2018 alone, he appeared at 59 workshops and helped us offer face-to-face professional development to well over 6,000 teachers. Even without this leg of the fall tour, he did 157 shows in two years. That's a lift!

And it's not just about concerts and workshops: throughout, Steven has visited classrooms, stumped for educators on the nightly news, even walked the picket line with LAUSD teachers. At times it seemed superhuman.

And the really good news? While Stevie's voice may have been silenced for a few weeks, his activist voice remains loud and clear, and the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation will continue to publish free, meaningful, engaging content for all subjects and ages, and to advocate for teachers as the "first line of defense" for America, without pause.

We look forward to seeing many of you in Boston and New York, and all of you in the classroom.

"When it comes to an Education Curriculum regarding Popular Music History and it’s origins in America, there are no borders. If anything, the interest in studying Americana Culture is greater in foreign countries than it is in our own. Our methodology of using music history to get and keep this new generation’s attention will be recognized as the first lesson plans designed to aggressively and effectively adjust to the modern world."

Upcoming Tour Dates
November 2 Medford, MA
Chevalier Theatre
*Includes TeachRock workshop
November 6 New York, NY
Beacon Theatre
*Includes TeachRock workshop
*New York State CTLE credits available

Teacher Feedback On the Tour Workshops

"This was the experience of a lifetime for this Catholic School teacher of 34 years from Rochester, NY. Great classroom materials, much fellowship interacting with other teachers and the greatest music on the planet!"
Patrick C.

"I came to school this morning excited to put many of the ideas into practice. (even if I am a little tired from a great show last night!)."
Bob S.

"What a fantastic experience! My husband and I have been to many (arguably too many) professional development workshops through the years, and without a doubt this ranks as one of the best. We are so appreciative to you and to Mr. Van Zandt and the TeachRock organization. We had a blast at the concert and will certainly be utilizing ideas and lessons from your website. As President of our local teacher's union, I also wanted to thank Little Steven for his strong advocacy for educators and for union rights."
Ann F.

"I want to recognize your devoted Rock & Roll Forever Foundation team who exceeded my expectations as an education professional. The entire experience was top shelf. Between the deep dive into the TeachRock content and the two and one half hour soul revue by your band, I have memories that will last a lifetime. It is very exciting to share the common bond of furthering rock music education. Thank you for opening the music of our heart to this vital initiative. I love being a Teach Rock 'Disciple of Soul'."
Edward J.

"This was so great! Thank you for being such an inspiring advocate for teachers. I can’t wait to try '3 song playlist' with my students!"
Melissa S.

"The opportunity to communicate with other educators was so valuable.To be able to collaborate and hear their point of view was interesting. Walking through the lessons with the team leaders was brilliant."
Margaret B.

"I recently attended your professional development at the Hard Rock at Universal. I was beyond 'blown away' and I cannot wait to use the materials in my U.S. History classes next school year. I also want to spread my excitement and enthusiasm to my colleagues."
Laura L-Z.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the workshop. My colleague and i absolutely loved it, and we were so inspired, we planned out our whole year for next year! And we want to share it with our colleagues. We are hoping to include the info and website in a professional development presentation next year. I might be in touch down the line for more guidance on that. Thanks!"
Cherie F.

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