BBC’s Motor City’s Burning – The Stooges

BBC’s Motor City’s Burning – The Stooges

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The Sound of Blue Collar Detroit

Grades: High
Subjects: Social Studies/History

How did Rock and Roll serve as an expressive tool for the working-class youth of Detroit?

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The Stooges

Even more so than their rabble-rousing Detroit neighbors the MC5 or their cerebral New York contemporaries the Velvet Underground, the Stooges could be called the antithesis of the Hippie culture that coincided with the band's original lifespan.  The Stooges were primal and confrontational, creating a pummeling sound that sounded palpably dangerous. Although the band’s three original albums came and went with little mainstream attention, the Stooges’ longterm impact is reflected its immense influence upon multiple generations of Punk outfits. The Stooges — frontman Iggy Pop (born James Osterberg, aka Iggy Stooge), brothers Ron and Scott Asheton on guitar and drums,...