Kanye West on Hurricane Katrina

Kanye West on Hurricane Katrina

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Kanye and Katrina: Environmental Racism in New Orleans

Grades: High, Middle
Subjects: Social Studies/History

What was Hurricane Katrina, and how did Black Americans articulate the frustrations they felt in its aftermath?

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Kanye West

(b. 1977) As famous for his outsized media presence as for his music, Kanye West is nonetheless regarded as one of Hip Hop's most innovative creative forces. In the space of a few years, he went from respected producer and beatmaker to international superstar. Both a sonic visionary and a distinctive, verbally inventive rapper, West makes music whose creativity and flamoyance are more than a match for his cocky personality and dapper visual image. Although the Chicago native started as an aspiring rapper, West first gained significant attention in the late 90s for his production work with the likes of Foxy...