Otis Redding - Respect

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Soul Music and the New Femininity

Grades: High
Subjects: ELA, General Music, Social Studies/History

How did Aretha Franklin represent a new female voice in 1960s popular music?

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Otis Redding

(1941 – 1967) Although his recording career lasted just over five years and      was cut short by his premature death, Otis Redding left a legacy as one of the most important figures in Soul music. An electrifying performer with an impassioned voice and a volcanic performing style, as well as a distinctive songwriter whose compositions became classic hits for other artists, Redding's influence continues to loom large over American Rhythm and Blues. Although he was the seminal Memphis label Stax's biggest star, the Georgia native first arrived at the company not as an artist, but as driver for guitarist Johnny Jenkins. ...