Imagination and Liberation

Patti Smith - Imagination and Liberation

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Punk as Reaction

Grades: High, Middle
Subjects: Art/Design, Social Studies/History

How was Punk Rock a reaction both to the commercialization of Rock and Roll and to the social climate in late 1970s Britain?

The New York City Underground

Grades: High, Middle
Subjects: Art/Design, General Music

How did New York bands interact with the city's art scene to create something new?

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Patti Smith

(b. 1946) Pioneering Punk poet Patti Smith is one the most influential female artists in Rock history, known not only for being an uncompromising iconoclast at a time when few women in Rock fit that description, but also for maintaining a literate, intellectually curious sensibility that was relatively unusual in the Punk milieu in which she first gained public attention. While growing up in New Jersey, the teenaged Smith found inspiration and solace in the writing of Arthur Rimbaud and the Beats, and in the music of Bob Dylan, James Brown and the Rolling Stones.  After moving to New York City...