Mama, Weer all Crazee Now

Slade - Mama, Weer all Crazee Now

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Introducing Glam Rock

Grades: High, Middle
Subjects: General Music

How was Glam Rock a reaction to the "seriousness" of popular music at the time?

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Slade were at the forefront of the 70s Glam Rock scene in Britain, racking up a long string of loud, catchy hits that made them one of the U.K.’s most successful bands of the decade, and one cited as an influence by bands across a range of heavy-hitting genres, from Punk to Pop Metal to Grunge. Slade’s formation goes back to the early 60s, when the members, led by singer and guitarist Noddy Holder, formed The 'N Betweens, a band influenced by Blues, R&B and Motown. Coming under the wing of manager Chas Chandler, the former Animals bassist who’d helped...