Twist and Shout

The Beatles - Twist and Shout

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“Twist and Shout” and Post-War Britain

Grades: High, Middle
Subjects: General Music

What role did cover songs like “Twist and Shout” play early in the Beatles's career, and how did their experiences growing up in post-WWII Liverpool and performing in Hamburg nightclubs help them to develop as a professional musical ensemble?

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The Beatles

The Beatles are universally regarded as one of the most important bands in the history of Rock and Roll. Over the course of an active career that spanned just 10 years, the band released some of the most enduring popular music of the 20th century – a catalog whose influence would be hard to overstate. To give but one measure of the band’s stature, when Rolling Stone ranked the “500 Greatest Albums Of All Time,” four Beatles records made the top ten: Revolver, Rubber Soul, The Beatles (a.k.a. the “White Album”) and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which...

George Harrison

(1943 – 2001) George Harrison was only 14 when he teamed up with classmate Paul McCartney and a neighboring high-schooler, John Lennon, to form a skiffle group called the Quarrymen in 1958. By 1960, the group would change their name to the Beatles. The band would go on to become one of the most popular and influential Rock acts of all time, releasing a record-breaking 27 No. 1 hits in the United States and Britain. The Beatles' songwriting was chiefly a Lennon and McCartney collaboration, with lead guitarist George struggling to distinguish himself as a writer during the band's near decade together. Harrison's best material with the...

John Lennon

(1940 – 1980) John Lennon was always the Beatles' most restless creative force, as well known for his acerbic humor and his taste for the outré as for the iconic hits that he and Paul McCartney wrote for the band. Not surprisingly, it was Lennon whose post-Beatles life was the most colorful and provocative, and his musical and personal moves consistently kept him in the headlines, even during his extended break from musical activity in the second half of the 1970s. Lennon had already began to pursue outside creative outlets while still a Beatle, writing a pair of books of humorous...

Paul McCartney

(b. 1942) It's tempting to imagine how different the world would be today if Paul McCartney hadn't run into John Lennon on July 6, 1957, at the Liverpool church fete where Lennon's group the Quarrymen was performing. But it's also hard to imagine that, even if the Beatles had never existed, McCartney's prodigious talents and considerable ambition wouldn't have found an outlet somehow, or that he wouldn't have become an influential cultural figure even if the British rock explosion that the Beatles ignited had never happened.  It's an oft-repeated if overly simplistic meme that McCartney was the facile Pop tunesmith to...