#BlackLivesMatter: Music in a Movement

During this time of political uproar and social activism, TeachRock wants to ensure that we are keeping the youth of America educated with hard facts.

The death of George Floyd has sparked yet another round of protests and riots around the country. There is a public outcry for change, justice, and equality: all of which embody the Black Live Matter movement.

This week, TeachRock will be sharing our BLM-themed lessons as a way for teachers to ensure their students are staying educated on relevant topics with real and vetted facts. Although we cannot supply an answer, we can supply educational resources that keep students informed of the past while preparing for the future.

“#BLackLivesMatter: Music in a Movement” is about the origins and progression of the Black Lives Matter movement. The lesson discusses how Black Lives Matter is reminiscent of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, but how it has taken a modern form in the digital age by seeing activism occur in virtual and real-life spaces.

CLICK HERE for the lesson which features statements from the Black Lives Matter movement and a clip from CNN Soundtracks. Students will also dive into the music that was inspired from the movement, including artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé.

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