Partnering with Acclaimed PBS Soundbreaking Series

TeachRock has partnered with Show of Force and PBS to create sixteen new lesson plans that accompany the critically acclaimed series Soundbreaking: Stories From the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music. The eight episodes of Soundbreaking explore the dynamic tension between people who make music and the ever-evolving technology available to them. The TeachRock lessons use content from the episodes, period journalism, archival recordings, and an innovative suite of online interactive TechTools to tie the themes of Soundbreaking to social studies, language arts, geography, science and general music classes.

Using TeachRock’s Soundbreaking materials, teachers can engage their students with the sights and sounds of artists such as The Beatles, Devo, Joni Mitchell, The Grateful Dead, Run-DMC, The Eurythmics, Santana, Public Enemy, Madonna, The Wu-Tang Clan, and many others, all while encouraging students to explore the wider cultural context in which their favorite recordings gained meaning.

Access the sixteen Soundbreaking lessons directly at, and the full selection of TeachRock materials at