St. Vincent

Birth name: Anne Erin Clark
Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
September 28, 1982 – Present

Years Active: February 2, 2003 – Present

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Annie Clark, known professionally as St. Vincent, was raised primarily in Dallas, Texas. She began playing guitar at age 12, eventually participating in music and drama programs in high school. Starting in 2001, Clark attended Berklee College of Music, studying guitar with noted professor Lauren Passarelli. She released a self-titled EP with fellow students as her backing band in 2003. After three years at Berklee, Clark dropped out and returned to Dallas, joining the choir rock ensemble, Polyphonic Spree. In 2006, she served as a touring guitarist for singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens and self-released her second EP under the pseudonym St. Vincent.

Clark released her debut album, Marry Me, in 2007, receiving substantial critical acclaim, in particular for her inventive and skillful guitarwork. Over the course of her six studio albums, Clark’s music has blended a variety of styles and the recordings have fused sophisticated production with tailored songcraft. She has also collaborated with numerous artists, notably acclaimed musician and songwriter, David Byrne in 2012 for their Love This Giant album. In 2019, Clark received the Grammy for Best Rock Song for the title track to her album, MASSEDUCATION, which was also nominated for Best Alternative Album. MASSEDUCATION was her first Billboard Top 10 release.

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