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Unit Plans offer a direct way for teachers to plan for days or weeks of instruction using TeachRock curriculum. Each unit plan contains a collection of lessons curated around a specific theme, historical era, or subject area. Also included are documents that outline the learning outcomes and sequence of lessons in the unit plans, and suggested assessments that allow students to creatively and critically reflect on the materials in the unit plan.


Unit Plan:
Civic Environmentalism

Grades: High, Middle
Subjects: Civics, Social Studies/History, STEAM

Civic environmentalism is a collective action to address critical environmental issues and implement solutions through democratic processes that will result in an improved and sustainable community. Through six lessons, students identify, analyze, and explore specific details and events related to the origins of the environmental movement in the United States...

Unit Plan:
Math and the Music Industry

Grades: Middle
Subjects: Math

Math is inherent in the music industry. Whether calculating touring costs, analyzing industry data, or determining fan engagement on social media, math interprets numerous aspects of the music industry. Through five lessons, students practice math skills within the context of the music industry. Utilizing important artists as case studies, students...

Unit Plan:
Life Songs: Telling Your Story Through Music

Grades: All Ages, Elementary K-2, High, Middle
Subjects: Art/Design, Social Emotional Learning

Life Songs is an intergenerational media project organized into a four lesson unit plan. The unit concludes with students presenting their Life Songs Interview - a recorded interview led by the student with an adult who shares how music shaped their life. For classrooms without the ability to create and...

Unit Plan:
LADAMA: Movement, Music, and Community in South America

Grades: Elementary K-2
Subjects: General Music, Geography, Physical Education, Social Emotional Learning

LADAMA: Movement, Music, and Community in South America introduces students to the music, dance, and culture of South America in an interactive way. Through four lessons, students learn to sing, dance, and perform the traditional rhythms of selected musical styles in Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil. In addition, they play games...

Unit Plan:
Math and Music: Algebra Featuring Mickey Hart

Grades: High, Middle
Subjects: Math

Math and Music: Algebra Featuring Mickey Hart is a lesson collection aligned to 7th to 9th grade math standards that invites students to explore the mathematical and scientific principles of sound and music. In this 4-lesson unit, students: Conduct hands-on activities to discover the physical principles of sound waves, and...

Unit Plan:
Latin Music and Culture in U.S. History

Grades: High
Subjects: Ethnic Studies, General Music, Social Studies/History

Through ten lessons, students will explore different people, music, events, and places that helped shape Latin music and culture in the United States.  Students will discover how Latin Music like Salsa, Latin Rock, Tejano, Bossa Nova, Swing, and Chicana Punk reflect the experiences of Latin people living in the...